Tea With Eddus: Green Tea from Itsu


Recently moving jobs to somewhere near to Tottenham Court Road has brought a greater range of lunchtime options to me. Oh brave New World that has such Cafés in’t!

Today I noticed that my new favourite Itsu offer a few types of green and flavoured tea. They had a brilliant contraption behind the counter (which looked like an ice cream machine…) the machine took in a good spoonful of loose leaves, spun them around in a clear perspex tube with hot water for a while, and then the tea flushed down through a filter into the waiting cup below. I’d never seen anything like it!

The result was a very delicious green tea, not over-stewed or too cloying (which is often a problem with green tea for me). What a brilliant wizzy exciting machine! I hope they catch on with other cafés, I would love to try a loose leaf English Breakfast by the same futuristic method!


Green Tea from Itsu:

  • Innovative method for making the tea
  • Good sized cup
  • Really delicious well-made tea
  • 8/10



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